Resilient MENA is a group of development professionals from around the world with deep roots in the Middle East and North Africa. Some of us were born and raised here, and the rest answered a calling.

Vison & Mission

Our vision is to support and build empowered, productive, and cohesive communities across the region that celebrate diversity and contribute to local and global sustainable development.  Through our advocacy and activities, we hope to achieve our mission of transforming the regional meta-narrative from despair and disempowerment to one of hope and purpose.

Our Approach

Our approach is focused on developing integrated, market-based solutions to the region’s greatest challenges, including unbridled urbanization, human displacement, climate pressures, energy insecurity, and water scarcity. We often draw on our academic training, professional experience, and global trends in resilient development. Yet, we firmly believe that the region’s path to resilience must be built on the collective wisdom of the hundreds of millions of people working tirelessly to build a future for their children within the daily realities of this region.